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Máy giặt công nghiệp PowerLine HI125 (56.7kg)

Roller bearings mounted in cast steel housing
Large door opening and reliable door lock
make loading and unloading fast with the 180
degree flexibility of the door. The silicon door
gasket seals to the shell every time without fail
Electronic variable frequency drive controls the
Water reuse capable
The PUNP microprocessor touch screen control
center is easy to use and equipped with all
needed features to ensure maximum
productivity at the lowest cost of operation.
The easily programmed 4 language display
controls temperature, water levels, speed, and
maintenance intervals.
Fully enclosed and protected motor, V-belt
transmission, and pulleys guarantee longevity.
Standard voltages: 380-415/50/3,
208-240/50/60/3 or 440-460/60/3
Stainless steel side, top, & rear panels
Direct steam heating
Additional drain outlet
Air cushion suspension system
Water reuse inlet and drain
EMI filter for CE
PC programing kit
Washer capacity 56.7 Kg (125 lbs.)
Drum dimensions (Ø x P) 1067 mm x 610 mm
Door dimensions (Ø x h) 508 mm x 656 mm
Motor 7.5 kW 10 HP
Wash speed 36 RPM 0.8 G
Extraction speed (Distribution) 260 RPM (#1) 580 RPM (#2) (58 RPM)
Drain system 76.2mm outlet 1625L/min capacity 1(2) drain outlet(s)
Basket volume 540L .54m3
Inlets 1” (Steam) 1” (Water) 2 water inlets 1 steam
Energy consumption (Pressure) 169 kg/hr. (Steam) 36 kW (Electric) (8 bar)
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1615 mm x 1370 mm x 1670 mm
Net weight (Shipping) 630 Kg (654 Kg)


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